Saturday, April 15, 2023

Original Equine Painting "Monastary Horses" by Nancee Jean Busse, Painter of the American West

Years ago I attended a retreat at the Benedictine monastery in Snowmass, Colorado in January. It was a beautiful setting and it snowed all weekend. There were 2 sights that printed themselves indelibly on my memory: one was of strong men in brown robes and Wellies pushing the attendees cars out of snowbanks. The other was of the way the stable looked the morning I left, so calm and serene. The statue of Mary reigned over the corral and big, soft flakes of snow fell gently and quietly to the ground.

20"x20"x1/8 Acrylic on Cradleboard

 Currently on exhibit at the Phippen Museum of Western Art, Prescott, Arizona

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