Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Abstract Painting, Mixed Media "Garden Window" by Colorado Mixed Media Artist Carol Nelson


This is another in my experiments in oil and cold wax. I lay out my palette colors and add the wax medium to each pile. These colors are layered on using an old credit card or palette knife. Some of the texture is a textured piece of paper that is then painted over with the oil/wax mixture. There's also a little gauze, central in the background. Also visible in the upper right quadrant is some text from a paperback book. Finishing texture on the brightly colored areas is oil paint applied with a palette knife. The sides are black and white checkerboard pattern that is painted black, then gently lifted revealing some of the pattern.

This is a mixed media oil and cold wax collage. Going back to my favorite warm, vibrant palette. It arrives ready to hang.

 8"x8"x1.5" Mixed Media on Panel/Available


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