Thursday, January 7, 2021

Abstract Art, Mixed Media, Contemporary Art "GROWING A NEW DREAM” by Intuitive Artist Joan Fullerton



During this "at home" time, my days go by so quickly and then they all seem to merge together as if they were just one. After 40 days and 40 nights of seclusion I decided to make a series of paintings to commemorate this time and physically "mark the days". Beginning the paintings in this series, I randomly pulled a card from a deck of inspirational messages and got the card: RENEWAL. The message said: "...after a period of difficulty and strife, you are in the springtime with new growth emerging. This is a time of strength and determination, a time to create new dreams and goals. I began the paintings with 40 for each day, and wrote on the canvas some of the words relating to my seclusion. Quiet, Aware, Rest, Noticing, Being, Asking, Listening, Hope, Comfort, Vulnerable, Grateful, Resilient, Rebirth, Recalibrate, Breathe, Walking, Connecting. As I painted I considered: Breathing Space and Containment, Openings and Closings, Fences and Pathways, Isolation and Connection, Solid and Ethereal, Light and Shadows, and I made shapes and marks indicative of these notions. Not knowing where I would end up, I intuitively responded to each marks and shape until I felt "mystery, and not knowing, had been captured along with "confidence and connection".

This piece is one in a series that could be hung as a triptych if purchased together.
Each piece can can be hung vertically in either direction, or horizontally as well.
(as shown above)

36"x24"x1.5" Acrylic on Canvas.

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