Saturday, March 2, 2019

"Beautifully Broken", Original Mixed Media/Assemblage Painting by Colorado Artist, Donna L. Martin

Beautifully Broken

In our journeys, there are usually broken pieces.  People we’ve loved and lost, friends who have been in our lives for a season, families torn apart.  These are our stories.  These are the layers of our lives.  These broken pieces make us who we are, who we become.  What we do with those broken pieces is up to us.  We have the choice to create new stories, to try again.  Our wings may be tattered and worn, but they are ours and they can still fly.  We are all beautifully broken.  The doorknob in this piece represents old doors closing and new ones opening.  The background was created using pieces of a vintage world atlas, representing the layers of our lives and our journeys.  The wings were bathed in resin to finish this piece, so there is no need for framing.

This piece will be available in an online Facebook Event beginning Sunday and running through Monday.  These events are fun and place a bid, all you have to do is comment!  This is a great way to own an original piece of art for a great price.

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