Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Textured mixed media landscape, "Autumn Trio”by Mixed Media Artist Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Autumn Trio", 24x36 inches, by Carol Nelson

I am conflicted about this painting.  I was painting over a heavily textured painting that was not a favorite of mine.  The existing texture on the canvas dictated the composition to a degree.  I was hoping for something much more abstract than this turned out to be.

I started adding color and more texture material to cover up and blend in the existing texture.

  I turned the canvas, allowed drips, and painted wet into wet, searching for a composition

I should have studied the first photo more. Now I see that it had good composition that leads into the painting.  But as soon as I dripped in the trunk forms, I was committed to trees in the foreground.

What I didn't do was to stand the painting up on an easel and view it from afar after that initial application of texture material.  Always take time to do that, even if you have to wait a while for the very wet paint to dry.

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