Sunday, April 29, 2018

'The Key to Me' by Paula Peacock

'The Key to Me'

by Paula Peacock

16" x 20"

Oil on Linen

The inner pear represents an attempt to discard the outer leathery cloak of constant depression which serves as a hardened armor and a disguise to fool, not only myself, but others as well. She tries to emerge completely out, to be what she once was, but continues holding onto her protective tough skin not quite ready to bravely step out and be happy without feeling guilt.

Sometimes I think life would be better if I could just meet the person who took my sons' life. If I could just scream at him, call him names, hit him, kick him let him know that what he has done has caused lifelong damage to many people. To see him suffer, would that make me better or feel worse? Would I feel guilty? Would I stop being angry at the world? Do I even want to stop being angry?
I don't even know his name.

More of this true story will be posted.

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