Sunday, July 10, 2016

Study With Joan Fullerton at Art Unraveled 2016 in Phoenix, AZ, August 7,8,9th

Art Unraveled 2016

"Who's in Your Studio" with Joan Fullerton

August 8th

                   Create 4 distinctly different "Selfies" of 4 of your "sub-personalities".
                   What could be more helpful than identifying who your critical self is...
                   the voice in your head that limits your amazing potential; 
                   or knowing who is your best self to have in the studio with your investment
                   of art materials?
                   You will be amazed at how simple it is to name the parts of your personality,
                   give them a gender, an age, and identify how they affect your life.

                   Then we will produce 4 collages as a tribute for each.
                   Not only is this fun and fascinating,
                   but it is an awareness helpful for actualizing our potential.

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