Wednesday, December 2, 2015

“Transformation”, Original Mixed Media Painting by Colorado Artist, Donna L. Martin


Throughout this year, there have been alot of changes and "transformations" in my life.  This painting symbolizes the changes and the beauty that can eventually come from the "mess" of life.

I started this painting, probably a good 3 years ago.  I threw paint on the canvas very randomly and then got "stuck".  I didn't know where to go with the brush strokes or what to do next.  This is how I felt also in my life.  I began to make some much needed changes and my life and this painting began to transform.  

I feel like the light is coming back into my soul. I feel like there are "possibilities" again.  I've stopped saying "NO" and have become my old gypsy soul.  So, this painting titled "Transformation" was born.

I think all of us become lost at times or stuck.  The trick is to keep on plowing through the mess and realize there is beauty at the end of the storm.

This painting is sold, but commissions are possible.  I always welcome messages with comments or questions!

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