Thursday, March 31, 2022

Hawk, Bird Painting, Wildlife Art "High and Dry" by Colorado Artist Nancee Jean Busse, Painter of the American West


During the winter, we empty the stock tank and put the brake on the windmill. At that point, it becomes a lofty perch for the birds. The ravens love it, the starlings love it, and the hawks love it! From the windmill they can see the entirety of the surrounding high desert property and all the little creatures who live here. Mice, packrats, quail, dove, chipmunks, and kangaroo rats make a nourishing meal for a good hunter. By spring the windmill has been much shat upon, is a bit stiff, and is ready to be set free to sing in the western Colorado breeze. But for a few months each year it holds its peace and becomes a boon to winged hunters.

16"x20"Acrylic on Board

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