Thursday, May 13, 2021

Original Lake Powell Landscape Painting "The End of Davis Gulch" by Nancee Jean Busse Painter of the American West



 Lake Powell is a magically beautiful place. The Glen Canyon dam was completed in 1966 in spite of the impassioned protests of environmentalists, naturalists, historians, and archeologists. There is still much controversy, and it is estimated that approximately 8% of the Colorado River’s water is lost due to evaporation and seepage from Lake Powell. Lake Powell is a popular recreation and houseboating destination now. My husband and I went to Lake Powell in 2008. We floated into the silent canyons on glassy, still water, thinking of what was beneath us. The skies were crystal clear and the night sky was black and filled with stars that were reflected on the still water. Davis Gulch is one of the hundreds of canyons in Lake Powell. This was where the final sighting of Everett Reuss took place in 1934.

 Acrylic 48"×60"  

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