Thursday, May 17, 2018

"The Circle of Life", Original Mixed Media/Encaustic Painting by Colorado Artist, Donna L. Martin

The Circle of Life

I can finally share this piece!  I think it's become one of my favorites.  This was a commission piece for my husband's sweet Aunt.  She loves butterflies and she had seen another piece that I had completed last year and asked if I would create something along the same lines for her.  Although this didn't turn out to be an exact replica of the piece I created before, I love this one even more.  It is lighter and more luminescent than the other was.  I added 5 butterflies representing her "original family".  Now, the family has evolved and transformed, with the blessing of grandchildren and spouses.  I feel like this painting symbolizes the evolution of it can change and become even more beautiful than we ever dreamed possible.

I used a vintage handkerchief for the background.  I also added some spackling paste for texture and depth.

I added various paints and inks.  Finally, I finished it off with a layer of encaustic wax to give it that dreamy effect.

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