Thursday, April 19, 2018

Study with Carol Nelson on beautiful Madeline Island in Northern Wisconsin, July 7-13

10x10 inches, Carol Nelson
6x12 inches, Carol Nelson

These abstract tree collage paintings are just one of the many projects we will do in my upcoming July workshop at Madeline Island School for the Arts (MISA). Come join me for a week of fun, learning and creativity on beautiful Madeline Island in northern Wisconsin.

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Want to put the WOW factor in your abstract compositions? This workshop will cover composition and color theory fundamentals, and you will learn how use of a few simple rules can make your abstract work more structurally sound and visually appealing. Regardless of your painting experience, this workshop is a must for anyone venturing into the exciting world of abstract painting.

For five days, we will work on a series of projects featuring the mixed media techniques Carol uses in her paintings. Students can expect to complete one or more paintings per day. You will learn about a variety of materials and techniques, such as preparation of Tyvek, painting on aluminum foil, embossed foils, combusted origami foil, rusted iron paint, making your own unique collage papers, making focal medallions using air dry clay and Plaster of Paris, inexpensive substitutes for pricey art materials, and much more. 

Carol will also discuss abstract composition and color theory, various kinds of supports, how to attach collage elements, and presentation options for a finished piece.  Learn her "sandwich technique" which takes the fear and uncertainty out of abstract painting and lets you be FREE to express YOUR unique creativity.

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