Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mixed Media Abstract Collage Painting, "Bending the Rules" by Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Bending the Rules" 36x12 inches, by Carol Nelson

I was shocked when I showed this to my husband. He does not like abstract painting (which is about everything I do), but, OMG, he LIKED this one! He liked the colors.

This mixed media collage painting has a limited palette of mostly neutral colors. This is actually one of the easiest palette combinations to pull off successfully. The colors I used here are black, white, titan buff, bronze, gold, and a tiny bit of transparent red oxide.

The assembly process is one of layering, painting over, layering again with various papers and textures. After adding blocks of solid color and painting lines to pull the design together, I decided to stop here. The whole painting took less than 3 hours to complete. It's a process that you jump into instead of approaching with caution.


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